Welcome to a quieter bike.

Chaintamer is carefully developed, tested and manufactured in Cape Town. It has one objective: control your chain. You will see benefits in chain slap, chain retention and frame protection.

A quiet bike is a fast bike.

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It’s a well known phenomenon: Chain slap affects almost all bicycles to one degree or another. The old fashioned remedy is to wrap something around your chain stay to protect it from damage as well as to reduce the annoying and distracting clatter of a swinging chain. Some people like it (seriously?) others do everything they can to minimize it. Slap-socks or chain stay protectors cost you a few hundred bucks, they protect your chain stay, not your seat stay and they do a pretty poor job on keeping the noise down.

Installing a Chaintamer will tackle chain slap where chain movement is a maximum: halfway between your chain ring and cassette. The patented mechanism of the Chaintamer acts as a damper or “shock” for your chain. The small amount of friction as the guide slides up and down the stainless steel rails is enough to deaden the chain movement as you fly down your favorite rocky trails or hop off some stairs on your bicycle commute.

Manufacturers have invented friction clutches for derailleurs, and while these do a fantastic job, they are sometimes not enough. Mostly they can’t resist the tremendous forces generated as the chain swings – if they could you probably wouldn’t be able to change gears.

The benefits of using a Chaintamer are many. Your bike will ride quieter. As a result of the chain being better controlled you will experience fewer chain drops and the chain is less likely to skip down your cassette as you bash through a rock garden. Your frame will be better protected from the chain and you can run less chain guide systems and slap socks, giving your bike a cleaner look.

You won’t notice an effect to the performance of your pedaling or shifting though, the Chaintamer is designed to slide to where your chain wants to be and then applies little force to the chain, ensuring your Watts go where they need to be.

You won’t know how confidence-inspiring and thrilling a quiet bike can be until you’ve tried a Chaintamer.


International Patent Pending.