Install your Chaintamer

The video below demonstrates how to install your Chaintamer yourself. Alternatively ask your favorite bicycle mechanic.

Installation steps:

  • Position your Chaintamer approximately halfway between the crank and the cassette.
  • Always orientate the Chaintamer so that the Chaintamer logo is visible from the drive side of the bike
  • Ensure that your Chaintamer does not interfere with the seat stay or other parts of your bike.
  • Use two large cable ties to tightly mount the Chaintamer, it should not be allowed to wriggle on the chain stay.

Fine tuning installation

  • Shift the chain through all the gears while turning the crank by hand.
  • Chain tension due to pedaling will force the guide tube to slide up and down the rails to follow the chain – use the rear brake if needed to apply a little more chain tension.
  • Shift the chain into the highest gear (smallest cassette gear) and check that the chain is not rubbing up against the friction rails. If it is, slide the Chaintamer back along the chain stay until it is in a comfortable position.
  • This is a trial and error process, take your time to adjust it until you are happy.

Things to remember when selecting and installing your Chaintamer:

  • Your Chaintamer must be tall enough to reach the chain from the chain stay while the chain is in the largest cassette/chain ring combination – Chaintamers come in 1cm size increments, you’ll need to measure this with a ruler or tape measure.
  • Your Chaintamer will eliminate almost all your chain noise, unless you use a front derailleur. Now you can hear your tires railing, your suspension whizzing and your heart rate soaring.
  • Your Chaintamer is designed so the guide tube can slide on the rails to follow the chain as it goes up and down the gears.
  • Some friction/stiction is normal on the guide tube – this provides damping and is intentional. However If the guide tube does not slide properly or jams, it might need a tiny bit of lubrication on the friction rails – chain lube residue is usually enough.
  • Do not attempt to bend or modify the Chaintamer.
  • We are always happy to assist our customers, send an email with any questions to